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Bankruptcy & Immigration Resources

Benjamin “Skip” Martin

With more than 30 years of practice experience, Benjamin “Skip” Martin is committed to providing you with the information about the law, the courts and legal education. 

Law Resources

Bankruptcy Resources

Bankruptcy can be an opportunity for individuals overburdened by debt to get a fresh start toward a solid economic future. By using the free bankruptcy evaluation tool on this website, you can provide us with the preliminary information we need to assess whether bankruptcy is the right approach for relieving your financial stress, and if so, which bankruptcy approach will be right for you.

Chapter 13

Chapter 13 OverviewChapter 13 Overview Chapter 13 is a bankruptcy option that individuals can use which involves adjusting or reorganizing debt. Chapter 13 can be used by someone who has too much income to qualify for a Chapter 7 bankruptcy and under the Chapter 13...

Chapter 11

Chapter 11 OverviewChapter 11 Overview At the Law Offices of Benjamin "Skip" Martin we work with businesses or individuals who may need to file Chapter 11 bankruptcy. Chapter 11 reorganizes a debtor’s business affairs and assets to help companies or individuals...

Chapter 7

Chapter 7 OverviewChapter 7 Overview Chapter 7 is sometimes referred to as straight bankruptcy. It is a liquidation proceeding in which the person can keep property that is exempt. If a person meets statutory residency requirements, they may be able to keep their home...

Immigration Resources

Immigration law issues can often be the most difficult and painful we encounter in the legal field. At the Law Offices of Benjamin “Skip” Martin, we understand the impact these complex issues have on you and your family. We strive to carefully represent our clients, so that the immigration, visa or naturalization petition we assist you with can be processed correctly and as quickly as possible.